Dear Decision-Maker,

We wish to share with you Wonder Me! A Global Classroom Curriculum which is India's first and most innovative education program to be fully mapped to the requirements of the CISCE Curriculum for 2017.

Wonder Me! is child-centric, integrated, thematic, holistic and evidence-based. It presents a seamless integration of objectives from Playgroup to Class VIII as required by the Council.

Global Classroom is supported by a broad base of research and the rigorous exploration of education systems in 38 countries around the world by Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Ph.D., Cambridge University, U.K., a well-known educator, researcher, author & speaker, Co-founder, Council for Global Education, USA, and Member, CII Primary Education Council 2016-17.

Global Classroom has created Wonder Me! on the base of an already theme-based integrated curriculum, training and assessments it is providing to schools in 79 cities across 22 States of India.

We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to you as we look forward to provide an enriching and meaningful education to the children in partnership with you.

We look forward to your filling out the attached Expression of Interest Form. We are also standing by for your call on 95 800 58888.

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India's most innovative EDUCATION
for cisce schools is more than books. IT IS:
The First Child-centric Curriculum for CISCE Schools
that is Theme-based, Integrated, Holistic & Evidence-based

WONDER Me! Covers all themes and subjects from Playgroup to Class VIII. It is the seamless integration of all objectives as required by CISCE.


Created by Dr Sunita Gandhi PhD, Cambridge University, UK Well-known Educator, Researcher, Author & Speaker, President, Council for Global Education, USA Member, CII Primary Education Council, 2016-17, Hon. Chief Academic Advisor, CMS made with the help of her purpose-driven international R & D Team

WONDER Me! is supported by the world’s largest meta-analysis of research in education by Prof. John Hattie covering over 50,000 individual researches in the English-speaking world.

Global Classroom is Present in 79 Cities in 22 States of India and in NEPAL | SINGAPORE | SRI LANKA | UAE | UK

“We congratulate CISCE for coming up with a progressive new curriculum that is in sync with the needs and aspirations of children today. Incremental change is not enough. Education needs a paradigm shift.”



WONDER ME! by Global Classroom provides a wide range of learning experiences as per the new curriculum by CISCE. It meets all the requirements the new CISCE curriculum:

Theme Based

  • The subjects are organized theme wise.
  • The themes facilitate in addressing the issues related to the area under study in a holistic manner.


  • Identified concepts, processes and concerns are age and developmentally appropriate
  • Understanding of the child develops gradually from self to the immediate surrounding and further to the wider environment
  • The child moves from simple to complex, concrete to
  • abstract, informal to formal concepts in a logical and phased manner

Wide range of learning experiences

  • Children have different learning styles and individual children learn in different ways
  • A range of transactional processes have been suggested to cater to different learning styles

  • BOOKS — WONDER Me! provides all books necessary for implementing CISCE new curriculum; two-part books mean lighter bags. Costs are comparable to other books.

  • SYLLABUS — Syllabus is fully mapped to the new curriculum. It is clear and transparent and divided logically into weekly units that serve as natural planners to make implementation easier.

  • A PROCESS OF PERFECTION — This process of implementing thematic units includes warm up, kinesthetic and visual activities focused on understanding.

  • RESOURCES — The full range of hands-on, tactile materials and activities are low-cost and in sufficient quantity for the engagement of every child. A list is provided and schools can procure on their own locally, or get from Global Classroom.

  • ASSESSMENTS & EVALUATION — The CISCE makes a distinction between the two. Children get self-diagnostic feedback, assessments as, for and of learning and continuous evaluation. Evaluation is mapped to each theme and unit and provided for each child and class; this save costs in printing and provides standardization.

  • REPORTS — Reports are personalised, based on the principle of COMPETE WITH YOURSELF; they answer the question ‘, What next?’

  • TEACHER TRAINING — Training is more than empowerment in the new curriculum. It comes with with teacher planners & handbooks, and more.

  • PARENT HANDBOOKS — These provide explanations and class relevant syllabus.

  • SUPPORT & MORE — WONDER Me! provides support and more as required by a school.


CISCE BOOKS & MORE Playgroup to Class VIII

WONDER ME! Books & Resources A seamless integration of theme-based child-centric book series for Playgroup to Class VIII along with Perfection Digital Books on CDs, Tactile Materials and more

WONDER ME! Assessments & Reports for each class mapped to each book in the WONDER ME Series from UKG to Class VIII

WONDER ME! Training of Teachers and Parent Orientation including teacher planners and parents handbook along with syllabus

Boards Classes X & XII

TARGETplus FOR BOARDS Increase 90 percenters and improve results: Guarantee of Better Results (X & XII CISCE / CBSE / IGCSE). Conduct a diagnostic Pre-Board or recommend to your students

SURE SUCCESS SERIES The popular Sure Success Series for ICSE and ISC is back! More marks in less time for the individual student

10 Keys to Success in Board Examinations Provided complimentary with TARGETplus or SURE SUCCESS to each child along with PPT and Video for schools to share with the students

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* PLEASE NOTE: As time is limited for decision-making and some books are still in print, we can send you only a limited set of samples along with the complete Wonder Me! syllabus for review. Rest of the entire set of materials may be viewed in e-book format on a link we will provide you. Schools may purchase the books on direct purchase discount, but we will be happy to deal with your bookseller. Please include his information below and ask him to contact us as well. Please note, assessments, tactile materials and training are available directly through us and not through a bookseller. We thank you for your interest and cooperation, and we look forward to partnering with you in providing an outstanding education to your children.

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